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This guide provides information on using collections in Scholars Square and other digital content created at F&M

Communities in Scholars Square

Scholars Square is made up of communities which bring together related material. For example, the College History community includes archival documents and publications related to the history of Franklin and Marshall College.


Screen shot of the Scholars Square homepage, showing the list of Communities in Scholars Square: College History, F&M Scholarship, Special Collections, and Visual Resources

Collections in Scholars Square

Communities are made up of one or more collections. These are the collections in the College History community.


Screen shot of a list of collections in the College History community, F&M Alumni Magazine, F&M Archives Film Collection, F&M College and Academy Photograph Albums Collection, F&M College Yearbook Collection, F&M Founding Documents Collection, and F&M History Publications Collection

Browsing and Searching Scholars Square

Find items in Scholars Square through the search and browse options on the homepage.


Screen shots of the Scholars Square search bar and browse options All of Scholars Square, Communities & Collections, By Issue Date, Authors, Titles, and Subjects.


You can also browse and search for items within communities and collections. Items can be browsed by date, author, title, or subject.


Screen shot of the F&M Founding Documents Collection homepage showing the browse options and search bar